home for the holidays 2014

christmas was magical and delicious. see for yourself!
a few of my favorite shots.


gram to the blog - sofa king cool

I'm sitting here, well at my computer but very near /\ (here) and I just microwaved a cup of coffee from last night. I thought about just throwing it out and making a new pot but I skipped the gym today so I told myself I didn't deserve a new pot of coffee. ANYWAY - over the weekend (my wknd is usually Sunday - Tuesday) we found a great corner sofa for a really great price with few to very little stains, rips and tears! Really couldn't pass up a great deal, so we rented a UHAUL truck, drove downtown and picked up our new corner sofa! I've always been a huge fan of Kijiji/ Craigslist, probably because I only like buying things at discounted prices. I do have quiet the list of stories of Kijiji purchase nightmare stories. All hilarious and terrifying at the same time! So now we have a huge fantastic new corner sofa that could probably seat 10 people. Our living room was housing two IKEA loveseats prior to this new purchase, it wasn't the worst but this is MUCH better! 
Now to pick up a new mirror for by the front door, and get some more posters framed for the spot by the wall of shelves. 


gram to the blog - poultry carpenter

I'm going to talk a little more about the photos I once posted on instagram... some recipes, some things I just forgot to mention, whatever comes to mind really! The other day while reading a tasty recipe in the newspaper then decided I wanted to make my version of said recipe. I went to the local over priced grocery store (it was on the way home) and picked up 4 thinly sliced chicken breast, mini purple eggplants, green peppers and cremini mushrooms. I knew I had a few other ingredients at home like garlic goats cheese, rosemary and green beans. Since my right hand is STILL not completely healed I had to ask for a bit of help from my main man - Ty. Also forgot we don't own a meat pounder (christmas gift idea!) so we improvised! I got Ty to pound the chicken so they were thin, which would cut down on cooking time! I stuffed mine with ingredients noted above and Ty stuffed his with marble cheese instead (I had joked he probably put bologna in there too, but he really didn't!) Threw these little guys in the oven and decided to toss the green beans in a mix of honey, olive oil, garlic powder and chilli flakes over medium heat for about 5 mins. The chicken in the oven only took about 25 minutes! 
I plated the little stuffed chickens on top of a mix of arugula and spinach and a side of wild rice cooked in vegetable broth for extra flavour! 
That's it, that's all. 


gram to the blog - flax & stuff cookies

If there is one thing I know that is 100% correct, my mom makes some pretty delicious cookies and always has! She is always trying something new and it ALWAYS turns out. I most definitely also love to bake and try new recipes. So last night around 11PM I thought I might as well bake some cookies, I haven't been able to do too much in the kitchen for the last two weeks because of my thumb incident. Thus with my strong left hand I went to work. Back in July I was introduced to a recipe that I was skeptical about but have been trying out and changing up quite a bit. A local bakery back home called Tall Grass has this cookie which they named the Folk Fesitval Cookie. I tried it but thought it was only okay. So last night I looked it up again ready to give it another chance. I also went searching in my cupboards for some other things to throw in. 
here's my version:

3/4 cup salted butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
2 large eggs
1/3 cup water
1 tsp vanilla
1 3/4 cup white flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
splash of salt
1 1/4 cup quick oats
1/2 cup flax seed
1/4 cup of M&Ms
1 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup of SKOR bits
1/2 cup shredded coconut

1. Mix butter with brown and white sugar in mixer till creamy. 
2. Add eggs, water and vanilla, stir until combined.
3. Add all remaining ingredients, mix until evenly combined. The dough will be sticky and soft. Chill for 30 min before baking.
4. Make one decent sized spoonful of dough and place onto cookie sheet. Try to make cookie flat (but it’s sticky so it might be difficult).
5. Bake at 350°F for 13 minutes. 

They turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself, having one with coffee right now (instead of going to the gym oops!)
Hope you had a great weekend! 


you can hear what you want to hear

Here is a photo of me as a tiny kid because sometimes I just want to post a B&W from the 90's. so what.
As I sit here at my computer writing this to my left is a cup of coffee from 11am and to my right is a beer from approximately 11 minutes ago. I didn't want to get too sleepy at all today so I've just been taking a few sips of the coffee all day long. When really I have done so much today and can't even remember the slightest yawn. Sunday's off used to be extra relaxing, I find myself getting more things done on my one guaranteed day off then any other actual "run errands day". Today I got things done, with one hand (and the help of my lovely sister) I bought and brought home a kitchen table and chairs! I will soon retire my old bar and bar stools and we can sit at a table! I'll have photos up soon of the new addition and also wanted to just give a quick heads up that my blog will be updating much more frequently, with food posts, ideas and maybe even some more B&Ws from the 90's! 

hope you enjoy. 




C ya

it's good to see you too. but i'll see you soon! 



my favorite pup otto hanging on the island last summer. he's the best!