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I'm sitting here, well at my computer but very near /\ (here) and I just microwaved a cup of coffee from last night. I thought about just throwing it out and making a new pot but I skipped the gym today so I told myself I didn't deserve a new pot of coffee. ANYWAY - over the weekend (my wknd is usually Sunday - Tuesday) we found a great corner sofa for a really great price with few to very little stains, rips and tears! Really couldn't pass up a great deal, so we rented a UHAUL truck, drove downtown and picked up our new corner sofa! I've always been a huge fan of Kijiji/ Craigslist, probably because I only like buying things at discounted prices. I do have quiet the list of stories of Kijiji purchase nightmare stories. All hilarious and terrifying at the same time! So now we have a huge fantastic new corner sofa that could probably seat 10 people. Our living room was housing two IKEA loveseats prior to this new purchase, it wasn't the worst but this is MUCH better! 
Now to pick up a new mirror for by the front door, and get some more posters framed for the spot by the wall of shelves. 

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