you can hear what you want to hear

Here is a photo of me as a tiny kid because sometimes I just want to post a B&W from the 90's. so what.
As I sit here at my computer writing this to my left is a cup of coffee from 11am and to my right is a beer from approximately 11 minutes ago. I didn't want to get too sleepy at all today so I've just been taking a few sips of the coffee all day long. When really I have done so much today and can't even remember the slightest yawn. Sunday's off used to be extra relaxing, I find myself getting more things done on my one guaranteed day off then any other actual "run errands day". Today I got things done, with one hand (and the help of my lovely sister) I bought and brought home a kitchen table and chairs! I will soon retire my old bar and bar stools and we can sit at a table! I'll have photos up soon of the new addition and also wanted to just give a quick heads up that my blog will be updating much more frequently, with food posts, ideas and maybe even some more B&Ws from the 90's! 

hope you enjoy. 


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