but i'm having so much fun.

My posts have been little and late, I'm sorry! I've been busy - adventuring, drinking coffee, exploring the 
West as well as the East, enjoying the company of a sweet gent, oh and working! Yesterday I celebrated 3
months of living in this great city (when I say celebrated I actually I mean I remembered 15 minutes before
 I fell asleep, super exciting I know!) I spent the first two months searching for a job. I had a few interviews
 and trial shifts here and there but nothing was paying my rent. One chilly night in February just before I 
was getting kicked out of my local Starbucks I saw an add on Craigslist for a cafe just down the street from
 my apartment. I woke up early the next day to drop off a resume and within an hour of dropping off my 
resume I was back at the shop to have my first trial shift. It was a quick 2 hour trial shift that went really well, 
I got an email the next day saying that I got the job and I start next week! My last weekend as unemployed 
ex-manitoban was spent dancing the most at The Ossington with my favorite Winnipeg gang and exploring The
 Bluff's. I still can't believe I'm here sometimes! I'll be walking down Queen Street, look up and see the CN tower and
 think "Oh ya, I live here now!" I miss my family and friends a lot, all the time but I think this move was something 
I really needed! 

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  1. and we're so happy to have landed such a gem like you! :)