c ya latte-r

found these from the beginning of 2012 when my sister came to visit. it's crazy to think - soon i will be able to go for coffee at lost&found, 
cupcakes at fresh cafe or shopping at jonathon+olivia with her more than just three times a year. if you did not already know, i made the 
decision to make the somewhat big move to toronto, ontario beginning of next year. 2012 was (to say the least) a BIG one, lots of chances 
and changes, lots of new and old fancy faces, lots of tattoos (hah!), lots of trips and just the best times all around. i will not be leaving win-
nipeg without saying good bye to everyone who matters the most. so meet me for coffee (maybe at parlour), meet me for a drink on one
 of my nights off or come over, i'll make s'mores! i have just over a month in this beautiful (but chilly) city that i happily call home.  :)

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