I'm bouncing up + down all thanks to my third cup of coffee. Thinking about how awesome the rest of this week is going to be!  
This past weekend the Boy and I did some serious re-decorating in our little "home" It's the first time ever in all my years of renting that
 I have been genuinely happy with my living arrangements. (I'll be sure to post new photos soon of our cute living room.) The first photo 
in this post of the fireplace.. & the hanging cameras...  The items on the mantle are really my favorite. From L to R;
1) a cute-mini-vintage globe from a thrift store I picked up for $2, 2) my wooden candle holder that I only burn my favorite vanilla tea light candles from IKEA in. 3)A cute white owl I got from my friend Danica.  4) Boy's favorite ship in a bottle. 5) my very favorite polaroid in a cute frame of us, all dressed up at my cousin wedding 2 years ago. 6) Antlers I got from my uncle who mounted them to a heart shaped plack of wood & my dad painted white for me!! 7) The huge black frame was thrifted on a 50% off day... so I think I paid $2.50 for that gem! 8) those little blocks on the frame are letter press stamps I picked up a few years ago in New York City.  

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